Eternal Life – This is the Way: The Unexpected


John 6:1-21

18 June 2023

I have often heard it said that our expectations can be our greatest obstacle to enjoying and experiencing what is happening. Often what we think ought to happen keeps us from seeing the beauty or goodness of what is happening. In fact some of our greatest sources of conflict are often our unmet expectations. The people of Jesus’ day had many ideas about Messiah and what he should do. While these ideas were not biblical, they were still a source of great conflict between Jesus and the leaders of his day, and even resulted in many followers giving up on him when he did not meet their expectations. This often happens in modern church life too. We have lots of ideas about who God is and what he should do. Our theology often leads us to expect things that God never promised so we must learn to trust him rather than our ideas about him. This is the Way!

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