Eternal Life – This is the Way: Eat My Flesh, Drink My Blood


John 6:25-71

25 June 2023

This is often noted as one of the hardest sayings of Jesus to comprehend and it is often a source of controversy just as it was in Jesus’ day. Jesus was no stronger to controversy and he often employed these difficult sayings to weed out those who did not “have ears to hear.” For those earnest disciples these hard sayings would later be understood against the larger understanding of who Jesus was and is, and the bigger picture of what eternal life was actually about. This hard saying appears amidst three (almost identical) “I AM” statements made by Jesus during this discourse that remind us that Jesus did not come to do miracles, nor was he a prophet like Moses, but that he is the divine Son of God, who has come to make the Way to eternal life.

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