Kingdom University

Kingdom University or Kingdom U is what we call our seasonal and ongoing courses, classes, and workshops here at Vinelife. During fall, winter and spring you can attend 1 of 3 available 8 week classes on Wednesday nights at 7 pm. We also offer a number of courses monthly, and quarterly to help our members and leaders put down roots and grow. Do you want to grow in your knowledge of God and His Word? Are you interested in deepening your relationship with Jesus?   Seeking more direction in your Christian journey?


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Leadership Education and Development | L.E.A.D.

"The vision behind the L.E.A.D. program is to strengthen and unify our team, to clarify our culture, and to equip leaders better."


Leadership Orientation [2 hours]

This training exists to orient new leaders to the procedures, philosophy of ministry, and expectations of servant leadership. We are excited that you want to be a leader at Vinelife. This course does not make you a leader but it will teach you about what it means to be a leader at Vinelife and how to complete processes for promotions and events.

Please come prepared to learn and ask questions. This is one step in our process. Your next step is Leadership Education and Development (L.E.A.D.) Level 1.


Voyage | Student Ministry Grades 6 – 12

The Voyage Student Ministry welcomes all students from 6th-12th grades. Our purpose is to engage students in an adventure that follow after Jesus Christ, while using their gifts and passions to serve the Lord, and our community. |Learn More|

More Messages

Jesus was the Word made flesh, the Holy Spirit speaks through the biblical text, and the Apostle Paul said that he did not come with mere words but a demonstration of power. Empowered Word isn’t about clever presentations, or home improvement, it is teaching the word of God in the power of the Spirit to transform lives. Dr. Hester and the others teachers at Empowering Word are focused on teaching the Bible chapter by chapter because they believe it is more powerful than the words of men to empower disciples of Jesus Christ to live lives that honor God and liberate people, and teach the Bible. Click here to listen to more messages from Hal Hester and our many staff and guest speakers.