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Here, you’ll find a brief overview of what to expect on a Sunday morning at VineLife Church.

Our Sunday gathering is typically 90 minutes in length, held at 10am in the worship center; there is also a prayer times at 9:30am in the prayer room. When you arrive, expect to be greeted by warm, smiling faces, ready to welcome you. You’ll also notice the big red tent; when you stop by here, you will be able to connect with those smiling faces- they will give you additional information and even help you navigate the building on your first visit. As you make your way into the lobby, you will find a variety of hot and cold beverages for you to enjoy- feel free to help yourself and even bring your drink to your seat. Once in the worship center, you can expect a time of worship with music, communion, a message, and prayer. During the gathering middle school and high school students meet after communion in the Voyage meeting room. After the message, be sure to stop by the red tent again to pick up a gift. If you have children, check-in begins 15 minutes prior to worship starting. We have childcare for infants and toddlers, classes for potty-trained pre-k students, and classes for k-5.

Congregational Care at Vinelife

The Care Team is a group of people who are committed to finding ways to show God’s Love to people experiencing a need for encouragement for a variety of reasons. The Care Team is a part of Congregational Care of VineLife Church. …Learn More