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   Zephaniah 3.1-20 31 January 2021 When we allow God to purify us, it is a continual process.  It is a choice every single day to turn from our sin and turn to God. To draw near to Him and trust in His leading.  To strive for pure hearts and pure minds. It is a […]

Press On

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   Press On Philippians 3:7-14 03 January 2021 In life there are always things that slow us down and trip us up. As we encounter the presence of God and learn to follow His lead, it’s His love that motivates us to press on and press through, no matter what hardships surround us.  If you […]

Joy in the Midst

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   Joy in the Midst Acts 16:16-34 27 December 2020 Joy in the Midst:Christian joy doesn’t mean we don’t feel pain. If you have any of these needs or any other prayer needs please contact us at prayer@myvineyard.church Otherwise if you are just looking for information or to connect with us. Email us at connections@myvineyard.church […]