Zephaniah 3.1-20

31 January 2021

When we allow God to purify us, it is a continual process.  It is a choice every single day to turn from our sin and turn to God. To draw near to Him and trust in His leading.  To strive for pure hearts and pure minds. It is a response of worship.  It is a response of humility.  Of laying down our pride and our selfish desires and making God the King of lives.  And this is His hope and His desire for us.  To be made whole and to be restored.  To experience a life of freedom from our sin and its consequences.  To be near to Him.  We serve a God of restoration and hope.  We serve a God who loves us so much that the depths of His love are immeasurable.  We serve a God who wants His best for us.  He doesn’t want to destroy us but rather He wants to purify us.

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