The Fruit and Root of Forgiveness


Romans 5:12-21

23 October 2022

1. Acknowledge the pain
2. Remember being on the other side
3. Remember God’s forgiveness
4. Reflect on our Biblical command
5. Let go of the hurt
6. Continue to forgive
7. Pray for the person who hurt you

Main thought ~ We can not hold on to bitterness and hold on to God.
Forgiveness ~ to surrender the right to hurt others in response to the way they’ve hurt us.
Forgiveness is acknowledging that the other person has sinned
Forgiveness is not saying sin doesn’t matter.
Forgiveness does not require restoring trust or inviting a person back into a relationship.
Forgiveness is leaving the consequences to God. (address legal action)
Forgiveness is not forgetting.
Forgiveness is costly.
Forgiveness is both an initial decision process to let go of bitterness and a long, ongoing process of “practicing forgiveness.”

Go and do
~ The Root = the Law of Love that set you free
~ The Fruit = Forgiveness and mercy shown to others

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