Running on Fumes


1 Kings 19

06 November 2022

Stressed out, burnt out, over stretched, over worked, passionless and hopeless, ready to throw in the towel, going through the motions and just feeling numb. In a post covid world, this is a reality for a lot of us. What do you do when you have nothing left to give? What do you do when you just can’t take another step? The finish line is no where in sight and it doesn’t look like this will ever end. The natural reaction is to just give up. Fix your eyes on the goal. Fix your eyes on Christ. Fix your eyes on what lies ahead. Keep your head up. Keep your eyes focused what he has set before you and what He has called you to do. Fix your eyes on what He has done for you. You’re going to feel like quitting. You’re gonna feel like you can’t go on. You’re going to be out of breath and out of energy. Sometimes you might feel numb and like you’re just going through the motions. Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus. Your current situation is not the finish line. He has a plan. He is our hope and He is right here ministering to us through our burn out.

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