Palm Sunday: Cost, Convenience, and Calling


24 March 2024

Matthew 19.28-48

There is an interesting tension in the New Testament (really throughout the Bible) because we have the clear call to evangelize the world, to make disciples of all ethnicities, which is essentially an invitation to those outside the faith to come and know Jesus. At the same time the assembly is a time for believers to gather to build one another up in love, to worship God collectively, and to admonish one another in a way that is not always welcoming to unbelievers. As Americans we love our conveniences, and if we can “save time” by doing both we will often compromise both to make it work for us. But our calling to make disciples of the lost isn’t typically convenient, and neither is our need to worship God. Although we don’t need to complicate things, we do have to make sure that we give ourselves fully to each thing, so that we honor God regardless of the cost.

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