Eternal Life – This is the Way: Somebody Didn’t, But Nobody Did


John 4:1-42

28 May 2023

Two weeks ago we read about Nicodemus, the first of seven conversations only recorded in the Gospel of John but left out of the other biographies of Jesus (Matthew, Mark and Luke). This week we pick up in the second conversation with an unnamed Samaritan woman at Jacob’s Well, outside of town in the middle of nowhere. Everything about her said she was a nobody and yet Jesus clearly went out of his way to introduce her to THE WAY. As the second of seven discourses, she set the tone for the other five, all nobodies, who took the gospel of eternal life to everybody they knew. While Jesus never excluded Nicodemus (the Somebody) it was repeatedly the nobody from nowhere that took the message of eternal life to the ends of the earth, and to you and me. It is this message that becomes one of the secondary themes of John’s Gospel, that Christianity has reached the ends of the earth not by personality, popularity, power or high position, but through the witness of the nobody, from nowhere, whose credibility was suspect, and who had nothing to lose, this is the Way!

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