Eternal Life-This is the Way: I and the Father are One


John 10:22-42

13 August 2023

The consensus of the church from the beginning has been that Jesus is not only human but fully divine, but since the 300’s there has also been heretical a heretical group teaching that Jesus was not fully divine. Throughout the Gospel of John we have seen repeatedly the clear witness that John not only believed that he was divine, but that the Jews clearly understood Jesus’ own claim to be equal with God. But because it was not yet his time, Jesus was intentionally allusive in his answers so that men did not prompt his timeline. It is those allusive answers that left room for the heretics to exploit and sow doubt. However, the plain message of Jesus was that he and the Father were not just one in mission, but one in every way, making Jesus both the author and provider of eternal life. Jesus is the Way!

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