Title: The THIEF

Author: Jason Kahler

Theme: Make no mistake ~ the enemy’s ultimate goal is to obliterate you!

Text: John 10:10

1.) Make no mistake ~ there is a __________

The Devil can’t stop stealing ~ it is his very nature to steal

a.) ____________ ~ the thief has an uncontrollable urge to take what doesn’t belong to him


b.) ____________ ~ the thief will convince you to sacrifice/surrender something precious to you


c.) ____________ ~ the thief’s ultimate goal is to waste and devastate every area of your life


2.) Jesus said, “I have come that you might have and keep an

overflowing ________ to the ultimate maximum!

PRAYER ~  Lord, I am SO thankful that You came to give me life! You didn’t save me so I could live the rest of my life in defeat. You didn’t redeem me so I could be depressed, discouraged, and disillusioned. You came to give me life, and I am determined to enter into the reality of that life You promised me. Forgive me for ever allowing the THIEF to talk me out of the blessings You have designed for my life and family. I’m taking my eyes off the low road, and I’m headed for the high road of blessing You have planned for me since the foundation of the world!

I pray this in the name of Jesus!


CONFESSION ~ I confess that Jesus Christ gives me a life that is filled with extraordinary abundance! He came that I might have, keep, and constantly retain a vitality, gusto, vigor, and zest for living that springs up from deep down inside me. He gives me a life that is not rattled or shaken by any outward event. I therefore embrace this unrivaled, unequaled, matchless, incomparable, richly loaded, and overflowing life that Jesus came to give me!

I declare this by faith in Jesus’ name!




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