Meeting Times

Wednesday Nights at 7PM (beginning June 8, 2022)

Doors open at 6:30PM – The back gate will be open for parking and drop off of students.


Parents of students: We’d love to get to know you too! Fill out a One Another Card at drop off and schedule a hang out with one of our leaders!



Recent History


This summer, we are making a few adjustments to Voyage Student Ministries to accommodate for the growth of our high school and middle school ministries in the post pandemic culture.  Just to give you a little history of what has transpired over the past couple years in case you are new to Voyage Students, we made a few adjustments in response to the pandemic and how we met together.  We moved away from the Wednesday night gathering at the church where middle school and high school met together.  Middle school moved to Sunday morning during second service to make it easier for parents who still wanted to attend live services during the pandemic.  Our high school began meeting in more of a lifegroup style setting at my house on Wednesday nights where we had dinner together and spent time in worship and Biblical discussion.  Interestingly enough, while many youth groups in town were struggling with numbers during the pandemic, we actually doubled our size and involvement.  We are currently ministering to 20-40 students each week.
That brings us to the present post-Covid situation.  We have seen a plateau in growth and have been made aware that while our current system served a great purpose for the season, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate.  We have been having some discussions with our students about how they would like to move forward into the next school year and how they would like Voyage Students to operate.  Myself and our leadership team have been praying about how God is leading our students in the near future and we came to the conclusion that it’s time to move back to our Wednesday night gathering at the church.  This would bring a close to the Sunday morning middle school gathering and the high school Wednesday night lifegroup.
With that being said, I want to invite you to Voyage LIVE, a gathering for high school and middle school students on Wednesday nights from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.  Our structure will be a little fluid at first while we see what God is doing, but it will incorporate worship, hangout time, Biblical teaching and small group discussion.  We want to see our students develop thriving and dynamic relationships with God where they are able to make bold and wise choices based on the leading of the Holy Spirit and where they passionately love those around them.  I am asking for your prayers, your patience and your participation in helping us continue what God is doing in the lives of our students here at Vinelife.  Wednesday, June 8th, will be our official start date.  Wednesday, May 25th, will be our last high school lifegroup night and Sunday, May 29th, will be our last Sunday morning gathering for middle school.

Get to know our Student Ministry Pastor, Bobby Hardwick

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