Series:Throwbacks . When the Past Keeps Coming Back Up (Proverbs 26:11). Retro can be a fun way to re-live yester-year, but when the past keeps coming back up, it’s time to throwout the habits, hang-ups, and hurts of the past and embrace the future.
Message: Choices
Author: Dr. Hal Hester.
Description: As Joshua nears the end of his life he has watched his people repeatedly make choices that that did not coincide with being God’s people. In his closing remarks he challenges the people to remember their vows and to chose afresh whom they will serve but regardless of what or whom they chose to be faithful in all the choices that follow. What was true for Israel is true for us today. Life is all about the choices we make.
Scripture: To read along click here—> Joshua 24.1-31

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