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Angling Matthew 18.15-35 Sometimes we can be lured into thinking we are doing one thing and we end up doing something completely different than we ever intended. When it comes to dealing with offense often times we take the bait of the Satan and let offense turn into real conflict. But Jesus gives us guidance […]

God is Why We Hope

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Hopeless?: God is Why We Hope Job 42.1-17When we consider the trials that we face we often feel hopeless, as if the magnitude of life will overcome us.  What we learn through Job is that when things look hopeless that the God of hope is there with us giving us strength. If you would like […]

Who Is Like The Lord?

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HOPEless?: Who is Like the Lord? Jōb 40.1-14 21 October 2018 It is normal in the imaginations of men to think that our way is the right way, that our opinions are the correct ones until proven differently. Then the hope is that we have enough humility to see when we are wrong and change […]

God is Not Your Accuser

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HOPELess?: God is Not Your Accuser Job 13.1-28 7 October 2018 The word, satan, means accuser. In contrast God his sent his savior, Jesus, to rescue us from the accusations against us. So why do we think that God is the one who accuses us and creates all of our hardships? Could it be that […]