40 Day Spiritual Adventure

Our theme this year for the forty-day spiritual adventure is One Another, building on the Greek word, ‘allelous’ which is a central theme in the New Testament. When we first come across this theme of one another it is so simple that it is often overlooked but one another is also one of the most powerful phrases in the Bible (more than 85 references in the New Testament alone). Most importantly, it becomes one of the primary points of identity of Christians, and is ultimately the test given to the world, by Jesus, to determine if we really belong to him, based on how we love one another (John 13.34-35). Yet, despite its abundant presence throughout the Bible, it is also one of the most commonly overlooked Bible themes in the modern church. All too often, Christianity has been so privatized, that most Christians today believe they can be faithful without being part of the church, and the pastor who says differently, becomes suspect of self-promotion and protecting the institution over the faith once delivered to the saints. Over the next six weeks (40 Days), we are going to visit these one another texts with a view towards understanding and doing the will of God as these texts direct us to do. The goal of this 40 Day Spiritual Adventure is simply for us to grow, with the single motivation of Christ being glorified in our lives.

40 Day Spiritual Adventure

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Feb 02 2022 - Apr 16 2022


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