Celebrate Recovery

Though it is sometimes difficult for us to admit, we have all lived less than perfect lives. Our good intentions have failed us again and again as we have hurt people, hurt ourselves, and are often left feeling that we are failures as Christians or even as human beings. No matter what your hurts, habits, or hang-ups, there is HOPE!! Celebrate Recovery offers a safe, welcoming, grace-filled, Christ-centered fellowship. At CR you will find many who are dealing with struggles similar to your own. You will also find a group of men and women who share your desire to be made whole. Join us each Thursday evening for welcoming fellowship, lively worship, inspirational teaching and honest testimonies that will strengthen and support you on the road to recovery!!


Celebrate Recovery is a safe place where you are in control of how much you participate. No one “fixes” or judges No one “shoulds” on you You find answers from God — and depend on Him. Your life becomes re-centered on Christ. You are encouraged by the openness and vulnerability of fellow strugglers. You are allowed to “take off your mask” and be real and honest.


What types of issues are dealt with?

A wide variety of hurts, hang-ups, and harmful behaviors are represented at CR.  Examples include dependency on alcohol or drugs, pornography, the need to control, anger, co-dependency, fear of rejection, fear of abandonment, perfectionism, broken relationships and abuse.

What is the format of a meeting?

CR meets every Thursday at 7:00pm with a time of worship, teaching or personal testimony presented to the entire CR Group, followed at 8:00pm by gender-specific small groups that provide a format for open sharing.  Promptly at 9:00pm the group meetings end with a time of fellowship with other attendees.


A “hurt” could be classified as any life experiance that may have damaged your heart, some offense against you that crippled your ability to deal with the world in a healthy way. Something that may have twisted your view of yourself, God or others. Some common hurts include: Abandonment; Abortion; Abused as a child, or by a spouse, employer, or the church; Betrayal; Dysfunctional family (divorce, alcoholism, drug abuse, rage, etc); Neglect; Rape; Rejection; Same sex attraction; Cheating/affairs; Unforgiveness.


“Habits” tend to be unhealthy patterns that often start as a percieved “remedy” for some problem in your life, but end up turning into a chronic bad behavior or addiction. Habits are the repeat, default scripts you run to when the going gets tough and continually lead to trouble in your life. Some common habits are: Abusive behavior, Alcohol, Bitterness, Drugs, Gambling, Eating disorders, Gossip, Isolation, Lying, Self-harm, Sexual Integrity, Pornography Addiction.


And lastly, “hang-ups” are those road blocks that keep you from progressing further in God’s plan for your life. They are often shaped by some bent thinking you may have received as a child, or some unhealthy attitude you may have sdopted as a means of coping with life’s challenges. Here are some common hang-ups: Anger, Anxiety/Worry, Arrogance, Body Image, Bullying/bigotry, Codependancy, Control, Depression, Fear, Greed/envy, Guilt (false) and/or shame, Lack of self-control, Materialism, Perfectionism, Pride, Procrastination.