New Service Times in 2017

Over a month ago I asked our leaders to pray about going to two services Sunday mornings. Then I wrote a newsletter asking the entire church to pray about the same. Since then we have received favorable responses from the congregation with lots of questions about when and how and recruiting additional ministry volunteers. Some thought we might begin with the Christmas Eve services and just continue to do two services. After a lot of prayer and logistic consideration we would like to announce a start date of January 29, 2017 for two services (9:00 am & 11:00 am).

January 29 will give us a chance to recover from the holidays, recruit volunteers, process new background checks, and learn some lessons from Christmas Eve. With that in mind we need to begin recruiting and training now. So if you have been holding back please get involved and consider which service you want to serve in.

Also, I want to suggest some of you consider serving in one service and attending the other. For instance, if you are doing children’s ministry, serve one service and then attend the adult service either before or after your serving. It will help you to feel cared for even as you serve. If you are doing hospitality at the beginning of a service consider participating in the songs of the other service. You can sing and not miss out. The advantage is you don’t have to miss anything.

Finally, the best part is we will make more options available to those who have to work on the weekends. With two services they can come in early before work or slide in later after work.

So please get signed up, and see a ministry team leader about getting involved as we double our volunteer force.

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