What about Membership?

The Vineyard isn’t a gathering of religious consumers, it’s a church that emphasizes connecting, growing, serving, giving, and living the kingdom of God lifestyle. So you don’t get connected at the Vineyard by joining but rather by actively participating in what God is doing at the Vineyard. You can get involved by inviting your friends and family, by volunteering, by engaging with others through Life Groups, or learning together in a Kingdom U course, and by investing in this work financially.

connecting: from the beginning, the desire of God has been for us to know him. It’s revealed in his relationship with Adam and Eve in the garden, through every prophet, and even through Jesus becoming flesh and blood and dwelling among us. The church is a place of connecting, both God with people, and person to person.

growing: we come just as we are but the ultimate goal for every follower of Christ is to become more like Jesus, and to make sure that others know him, too.

serving: God has designed each of us with unique desires, experiences, spiritual gifts, individual personalities, and natural abilities. We provide you with opportunities to serve according to your God-given design to advance God’s vision within the local church.

giving: God is generous; he gave us not only life, and the enjoyment of his creation, but he also gave us his Son, Jesus Christ and eternal life. Becoming more like God we, too, become generous givers, participating in the work that God is doing through the Vineyard.

living: To love God, to love people, and to pass it on, is the mission statement of the Vineyard and it encompasses how we have been called to live our lives to fulfill God’s purpose and plans.

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